I first discovered my passion for programming computers in high school.

In college I worked at the Computique computer store chain selling Macs, Compaq PC’s, Osbournes and software. After about a year I took over servicing school district accounts in Los Angeles and Orange County.

My career took off when I started working for AST Research, a top PC manufacturer, in service and support. I conceived and started their online support service for downloading software updates, and expanded that to 20 systems worldwide. My role was developing software to customize the online services and to distribute updates. I also programed their Aspect call routing system, and worked on various internal network software projects.

Building on the passion for online services, two coworkers and I co-founded TeleGrafix Communications, which made a point-and-click graphical user interface for any text based system. We gained a large market share, won a Dvorak Award for Technical Excellence, and then the World Wide Web came along and disrupted the marketplace.

After TeleGrafix, I started a consulting business Imagenuity, creating websites and building & maintaining servers for internet providers and PC networks. Seeing the promise of mobile devices, I began making iOS and Android apps for myself and clients using the Cordova framework, which led to my participation in the Microsoft Ventures Home Automation Accelerator as the app developer for Novi Security, one of the participating startups.

Currently I live near Seattle, Washington, and enjoying the terrific hiking and mountain biking the Pacific Northwest offers.