WebSockets NOT supported in iOS 4.0

UPDATE December 2010: iOS 4.2 now has websocket support

UPDATE July 2010: since the beta 2 release of iOS4, Apple has disabled websockets support. A few readers pointed this out, so I made a trip to an Apple Store it run a few tests.

Confirmed: iOS4 as it is released reports it does NOT have websocket support.


Since the Safari web browser on the iPhone is based on WebKit, it makes sense that at some point support for WebSockets would make it to the iPhone.

Safari on iPhone OS 4.0 beta 2 supports WebSocket.

Once OS 4 is available for the iPad, support should be there as well.

Thanks to reader Arun for pointing this out.

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  • mlangenberg

    Unfortunately Apple decided to disable WebSockets in iOS4. I just upgraded my iPhone 3G and there is no WebSocket support.

  • TB

    No ws support on my iPhone 4 🙁

  • TB

    No ws support on my iPhone 4 🙁

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