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WebSockets NOT supported in iOS 4.0

UPDATE December 2010: iOS 4.2 now has websocket support UPDATE July 2010: since the beta 2 release of iOS4, Apple has disabled websockets support. A few readers pointed this out, so I made a trip to an Apple Store it

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Test your web browser for WebSocket support

Google announced an improved way for a web application to communicate with a server. The new method is called WebSockets. You can read more info here on WebSockets. Here is a quick test to see if your web browser supports

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ScoreKeepr App for iPhone, iPad & Android

Looking for a simple & easy way to track scores when playing games? Use ScoreKeepr to keep score while playing cards, dice, golf, dominoes and all sorts of games. ScoreKeepr FREE supports up to 4 players and 20 rounds. ScoreKeepr BACON supports up to 10 players, is ad free, saves games and opens previously played games and more backgrounds ft. BACON!


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