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Detecting the Mobile OS version and type – getMobileOSver v1.2

This new release of getMobileOSverJS fixes a bug and adds new features. The bug fix is if the OS version was two digits (e.g. 10.0), the version number was being truncated one char. This now functions correctly. Windows Phone is

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Detecting the OS version of iOS and Android in the browser

September 28, 2016See the updated post at:http://jimbergman.net/getmobileosver-v1-2/  The source code is available on GitHub 

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WebSockets supported in iOS 4.2

Apple released iOS 4.2 in November 2010, and part of that release was support for websocket in the web browser. This was confirmed in a visit to a local Apple store. Here are some screencaps grabbed of the iPhone 4:

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