Mobile Browser Reported Screen Sizes – Feb 2012

This is the second post in a series. If you missed the first post, you can read it here.

More information about Android screen sizes was gathered this last month, and is analyzed below.

Android phones
320 px width – 85% of devices queried – phone
360 px width – 4.5% of devices queried – phone
400 px width – 5% of devices queried – 5.3″ screen size
600 px width – 1% of devices queried – tablets
800 px width – 4.5% of devices queried – tablets

The screen sizes are becoming more varied with new devices with new screen sizes and resolutions becoming available, making it ever more challenging for the Android developer.

How is this information useful to you in developing apps?

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  • sam cruse

    thanks, useful for seeing the minimum width and general width needed for making mobile websites