Author: Jim Bergman


Fing-Fong-Fooey is a game similar to Rock-Paper-Scissors, with the same purpose, to select one person in a group to be ‘it’. While Rock-Paper-Scissors (also called Ro-Sham-Bo) works with two people at a time, Fing-Fong-Fooey is more easily used with a

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WebSockets NOT supported in iOS 4.0

UPDATE December 2010: iOS 4.2 now has websocket support UPDATE July 2010: since the beta 2 release of iOS4, Apple has disabled websockets support. A few readers pointed this out, so I made a trip to an Apple Store it

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Test your web browser for WebSocket support

Google announced an improved way for a web application to communicate with a server. The new method is called WebSockets. You can read more info here on WebSockets. Here is a quick test to see if your web browser supports

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7 Groundrules For An Intelligent Conversation

Everybody loves a great conversation. It is one of life’s simple pleasures. Sharing ideas and perspectives is a great way feel alive and connected. Looking back at the high points in your life, I hope there are some Intelligent Conversations

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Adding Costco Gas Stations to Google Maps

How many time have you gone to search for something on the Internet, and it just wasn’t there? Many times travelling over the last few years, I’ve wanted to know where there was a Costco gas station along my route.

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