Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ WebSocket support

Android 2.3 Gingerbread beta was recently released to developers.

The Android 2.3 SDK information does not mention a browser upgrade or support for websockets specifically. So there is no official word from Google regarding websockets being included when Android 2.3 is released.

Taking a look at the beta 1 release of the Android 2.3 SDK, the browser in the emulator is the same version as in Android 2.2 FroYo. Here are screencaps from the browser in the Android 2.3 emulator and a screencap from the browser in Android 2.2. Note the browser version is the same in each screencap.




Considering that the browser in Android is based on the same open-source WebKit browser used in the iPhone and iPad, and Apple recently released websocket support in iOS 4.2, it is reasonable to predict that Google will include websocket support in the Android browser very soon, and hopefully in Android 2.3.

I posted this question to Quora. We’ll see if someone with more info can add to this.

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